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Hi, Xbox one player, GT ChefxRoyal i am 32 years old and own around 300 350 games. I am a chef i own my restaurant in PA and other than working out daily gaming is my second hobbies. Anyway like the others, after playing it for 60 min i was sold. Now prior i was playing Destiny(spent over 900 hours on it) and The Witcher 3. This game took me completely away from destiny since i rarely play it anymore, but i do still play witcher as well.

What do i love about this game so much? Well the fact that u spawn and u have no idea whats going on. You have to figure things out and survive. Made few mistakes but thats how u learn lol Funniest thing that happen to me was when i found the rifle i felt invincible. Killed few wolfs and curing their skin was satisfying, but then walking around i spotted a bear, got so excited and said well that would be a great trophy to have his skin, and calmly aimed at his head and boooom..... well no one told me that takes few shot to kill the bear so, he started running towards me and well my skin was curing in his hideout...Lesson learned!!! BE AWARE OF THE BEAR!!

Anyway cant wait to see this game finished and was wondering when would we get the update of the backpack, snow shelters etc to xboxone.

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I'm not sure how you find time to game when you own a restaurant, but we're glad you managed to figure it out! The Long Dark is quite far removed from the games you mentioned playing previously, but I do know we have a decent amount of Witcher fans in the forums. One of our testers actually started a thread for it here.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience and for joining the forums. We're happy to have you! Welcome!

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