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Zippo Lighter, fueled by kerosene.

Spears, a solid, stabbing spear for defence/close combat with wolves, maybe a two tiered fighting system, first tier with a spear, fail to kill or drive off the wolf, second tier hits, same as the existing wolf fight method. Free form stabbing, for those occasions you can actually sneak right up behind a feeding wolf.

Stone/Flint tool crafting: knife, arrowhead, spearhead, axe, a flint fire starter (I'd assume faster degrading than metal, but a far more common resource with so many open rock faces around and a mine etc

Bone crafting: Needles, hooks, arrowhead, spearhead, a basic edged blade and even axe head (usually from a hip bone).

Marrow bone soup. High nutrition value, seems wasteful not to use bones from kills.

Smoked meat, the possibility of a smoke meat option, much like a cook option, perhaps on certain fullsize fireplaces with broad chimneys in which meat/fish could be hung to smoke, the actual mechanic though, being something akin to cooking/curing, a longer timed event, active while a fire is going etc I'd assume far smaller amounts would be readily made, due to longer time requirements, ie, from one kill, maybe one piece is worth smoking, as it can hang and smoke, during the same period that the rest is cooked in a regular fashion, providing a small quantity of longer lasting meat, suitable for long scouting trips etc

Moss/Lichen on the north face of trees, to indicate the general direction of north and give basic location indications when caught out in a blizzard etc

Higher grade fishing tackle available, in coastal locations where nets etc are present, would suggest better grade spools of line, slower and less likely to break might be present and even should it break, more is spooled on a hand reel.

Less reliance on workbenches, they seem to be a bit of a throwback to old RPG survival games where you had to have a workbench, when really, most things, like attaching a line to a hook, shouldn't really require it.

Perhaps a whetstone, to put an edge back on a knife/hatchet, rather than the odd process of somehow rebuilding them with more wood and scrap metal. Any reasonable smooth stone suffices.

Beartraps, I'd assume found somewhere, already set, could be a nasty surprise, or a great find ;)

Bandages, crafted from hide? (spiderweb is quite good for stopping bleeding, though possibly only small cuts), hide, packed with moss/lichen.

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