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I have crafted the dear skin boots, pants, and rabbit gloves. When I hit "X" to enter the harvest/repair menu the game crashes very frequently (almost 100%). There will usually be bugged text like getting 99 wood or arrow head and feathers in the results if I attempt to harvest any of the above items and the game just freezes on this screen. I have attempted to just craft a new piece but that resulted in no new item in my inventory but did make the currently worn item of the same type repair to 100% condition oddly enough. I have only been able so far to repair the legs once successfully without a crash.

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Guest mcopeman

Welcome to the forums! This bug should be fixed for next update. Its the result of wearing/harvesting partly crafted items. If you finish crafting the item it shouldn't crash when you enter the actions menu. If you are still seeing this with completely crafted items please let me know! Thanks :)


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This topic is now closed to further replies.