Wind sprite collision with world geometry


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I think it's technically not possible that sprites can collide with any type of geometry + looking good. At least with TDL.

The only thing that would come near that effect is if they used particles for the snow and would use the new physx flex technology from nvidia but that would drain ALOT of performance from the users machine.

So maybe we can see that in TLD 2 if we're lucky.

Here is an example of physx flex :

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Welcome to the forums Jengo :D

You don't need that kind of computational effort to do it, but instead of focusing on the technical side, I choose not to care about it, the programmers, artists and directors know what they can or want to do and what not. So I focus on my experience of the game. Seeing wind blowing through a rock face is disenchanting, especially since weather is so important in TLD, both for atmosphere and gameplay.

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