Streaming TLD won't show on Twitch channel due to game title


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Streaming The Long Dark (TLD) won't show on its Twitch channel due to the game title:

XB1 players of TLD are difficult to find on Twitch. I figured it out. It is because the games is known as 'The Long Dark (Game Preview)' as opposed to just 'The Long Dark'. So Twitch thinks its a different game thus putting players on a different channel game from all the other TLD streamers.

I have purchased the game for 19.99 and I want to stream on the TLD Twitch channel but can't until '(Game Preview)' is taken out of the title. Thanks

EDIT: Link to XB1 (Game Preview) streams, ... Preview%29

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Checked out the link and unfortunately it's the same link for PC streamers only. Although every now and then Xbox streamers do show up, I suspect they are using a capture card on their PC, and not the Twitch app directly from their Xbox.

Here is the link to the Xbox streams that are coming directly from the Xbox Twitch app, ... Preview%29

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This topic is now closed to further replies.