Character doesn't stop spinning and looking up

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[align=justify]I'm playing on a Windows 8.1 PC and this bug occurred just as I started the game for the first time, which still happens no matter how many times I restart the game. This kind of makes my game unplayable.[/align]

[align=justify]To replicate this bug, you only have to start a game, that's about it. What occurs is that as soon as my character wakes up from the plane crash, he/she is looking up and spinning. If I try to look at any other direction, the camera just goes backs up and starts spinning again.[/align]

Thank you for reading and hope for your game's success.


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"This is a known bug, however this might fix your problem in the meantime!

It is caused by either having a controller plugged in, or drivers running for controllers. Other people have reported vJoy being an issue. Once the driver was uninstalled, the game worked fine. Check your device manager to see if there is any usb controllers.

Reference for vJoy: ... oving-vjoy" - Melody, Hinterland team.

This should also solve your other, "options and settings won't stop scrolling" problem.

And welcome to the forums :D

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Guest mcopeman

Removing vJoy as octavian said should help. If you are just using mouse and keyboard you can also turn off gamepad by going to options > controls > enable gamepad - off.


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