Options and settings won't stop scrolling

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[align=justify]I'm playing on a Windows 8.1 PC and this bug occurred just as I started the game for the first time, which still happens no matter how many times I restart the game.[/align]

[align=justify]Just like the title of the post says, the options won't stop scrolling. To elaborate more on it, when you go and open the Display settings, "Resolution" keeps changing constantly and it doesn't stop on one even if you click on the arrows. Also in the Display setting, if you try to change the FOV, it will suddenly start decreasing. When you open Sound settings, the "Sound" option will immediately start decreasing. The same goes for the Controls settings as "Enable Gamepad" will keep switching on and off. The only one that isn't affected is the Key Bindings. The last one is when you get the option to choose between male and female, and like the others, it will just start alternating between options.[/align]


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