Ability to Sleep in a car/tractor


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sleeping in cars is so obvious but yet the game method is not so obvious.

Example - was on a run to find some wood, i got lost,blizzard rolled in, crap I have no bedroll but good clothing, so maybe find a car seeing im on a road. found a car. inside now out of the wind storm. feeling good - blizzard going on for long time. thinking how the frig do I pass time! drink, fix clothes etc. thinking how do I rest or sleep I have no bedroll with me I was thinking. anyways I finally clicked on the bedroll button and presto I could sleep!

So what do you think - If your inside a car can the bedroll menu button change to something more real like- Sleep in Drivers Seat?, or Put Back your Chair to rest?

anyways just an idea hopefully make this game more awesome that it is already!

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I too didn't realise that you could sleep in a car (not tried tractor) until I read it on these forums.

+1 to being able to sleep in a car & tractor WITHOUT a bedroll aswell. Whether or not we are able to sleep for a long time (due to being cold) is another matter.

Side note - we really do need a 'kill time' button apart from the sleep and fixing/cooking things etc.

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you can, but as stated it is a death trap outside.

The Devs should consider that if we have a bed roll, we should be able to get in it our bedroll if caught outside in a life or death situation and have to take refuge in a car

I guess you could roll it out on the back seat? bit squishy and uncomfortable at least you would be warmer in a bed roll in a car, specially when you have poor clothing. Though I found with good clothing you can still sleep fine in car without a bed roll!

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