Can't repair prybars


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Solution,no degradation.

In all my years, I have not managed to damage a pry bar.

Prybars can bend or lose strength: ... d-pry-bar/

In game tool is actually a crow bar, but named pry bar. :)

Bar none.

In Canada:


The pry bar is a thinner and more lightweight tool. They're fairly sturdy, but once they begin to bend from use, they can degrade fairly quickly. There are different grades (those for heavier use are thicker and sometimes half way in looks between pry bar and crowbar)



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Thanks for the info. I'll still call anything with a notch to take out nails a crow bar.

It does make sense in game not to be able to repair. Takes oil, the right flame, and knowing what type of metal. I'd just as soon buy another. Still haven't managed to damage one. But, I have several pry and crows, even a 6 footer pry bar, for doors and such.

In game mechanic is fine, no issue.

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I'm playing Xbox version on PV map. If there was more use for the pry bar this mIght be an issue. So far I've only used it to open lockers and car trunks. I've think I've searched everything on the map that would need it. So I've harvested both pry bars that I've found.

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