Leather from SKINS


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Converting pelts into leather via natural means is a process that takes a lot of work, and the tanning process itself takes months. I don't know if converting pelts to leather would be reasonable within the scope of the current game.

What I do like about this idea is it focuses on the size of the pelt/hide being collected from the animal. If there were a way to convert a pelt into something else, such as a 'fur bandage' (not sure if that's reasonable or not... just making something up for the example), then a bear pelt is going to make a lot more than a rabbit pelt could.

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One question: why would you want to do this?

Leather has hardly any use in the game, repairing boots is the only one I can think of. And you can get plenty of leather harvesting other boots. So why would I want to turn skins into leather?

If we could turn hides into leather / rawhide for cordage then it would be well worth it. If not, then I don't see a reason either.

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