Menu selection while accessing storage

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Hi all,

Noticed quite a few times what seems like a glitch with the menu when I'm accessing storage. I'll click on a locker, say, and it brings up the inventory screen. The "entire backpack" tab is highlighted. I want to move it over to "tools" so I hit the right bumper and all of a sudden I'm on the "wood and crafting" tab. Of course, I'm hitting it multiple times fast because I was trying to move from overall to tools, so I end up looping back around unexpectedly.

This is just an example. Basically when I open storage sometimes it'll have one tab showing/highlighted, but when you start using the bumpers to navigate through the tab it acts as though you were starting from a different tab.

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And, just for more information. Here are some clips.

Clip 1, around 17 seconds in I open the Safe. You can see it starts out on the Overall screen. Then I clicked right bumper once to move the filter to the right and ends up on food: ... 97333#t=17

Clip 2 I open up a box under the bed. This time I clicked left bumper to have it loop around to the wood tab, and after one click it ends up on food. ... 97332#t=20

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Guest mcopeman

It looks like files weren't properly downloaded for some reason. I would try either reinstalling the game or you can try clearing your cache by holding the Xbox button on your console for 10 seconds. The console will make a noise different to a normal power down. After the console is completely shut down turn it back on and that should clear your problem.

NOTE: If you clear you cache it does not affect your save file. However, all the downloaded updates you have on your xbox will be removed.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.