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On ‎2‎/‎14‎/‎2016 at 8:26 PM, jnikkel said:

I just wanted to say what a great game this is! From the second you start playing the sound and the view just immerse you in the wonderfully painted wilderness setting. The lack of a tutorial or any information regarding what to do really adds to the idea of this as a survival game. I've put in a decent amount of hours and tried a few maps and I feel like there's still always something new out there for me to find that I've never seen!

I haven't experienced any real problems with the game or anything that I could really see could've been done better. Obviously adding new items/wildlife would always be a plus but the game seems immense enough as it is to warrant the price. I think if the animals left footprints too (maybe they do I just haven't noticed) it would become a whole new factor in hunting and exploring.

Overall just a great game that I can see myself playing for a long time, I look forward to more from Hinterland! I hope you guys stay true to the idea of the game and don't give in to any mad reviewers saying the game is too difficult (whining about the sprint bar or the fatigue rating). The difficulty of the game is probably the best part about the whole experience.

P.S. just wondering if car batteries are going to be able to be used for something in a future update? I popped open the hood and was a little surprised that I couldn't just pick it right up outta there.

In my Just posted , Current impressions , I have to say that I agree with the Personal settings, ( personally I do not sprint , ever.  and my fatigue , never an issue. ) How ever , Many values need to get tweaked. To fall in line with * REALITY* for a the planet is freezing or polar points have shifted and you are SOL idea of a play through. Even in the * Day after tomorrow * when crap hit the fan , They have Use of their WHOLE environment. The play through here on the easiest settings feel like I am playing with handcuffs.
Let me harvest that wall , ( no sorry )
Let me break down that microwave ( nope)
ok , Let me shred up those thick blankets , and use it with a sewing kit to thermal pad this coat,( not happing)
Don't give me the * there is only so much you can do in a game/ with a game*
I will take realism and a crafting tree engine over graphics if I have to choose.
Oh Hey , look a door to a basement , or a closet , or a pantry. ( Sorry that is there just to make the inside look pretty ) If that is the only reason that a door can not be opened, then ... why draw it into the game ?
I tell my children , Everything has a purpose . If it does not have a purpose , will have or can have, then it serves no purpose . If it serves no purpose, get rid of it.
If a person has weights in their house , and does not use them. Sell them. Someone out there somewhere will need them. In terms of play mechs , and idea . Hinderland .. can do Amazing things. I am not asking them to rush things, Just to not over look as much as they are.

Look to Steve Jobs,

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

With well over 200 hours now into the game , If we are being honest , it is a perfect fit to be in talks with telltale. I am not the only one that sees this. And it IS NOT a bad thing.

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Quick reminder to everyone that Steam reviews help them realize how much of an effect their marketing strategies have on their player base. It's a great way to get the message across. Maybe even better than just posting on these forums.

Haven't written a steam review today? Might be worthwhile to do it now.

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I am sad that I have but one review to give for this game. This was the one I did some time ago, hope to help inspire others to write one as well. Cheers


The Long Dark. It can and will catch you unawares, even if you consider yourself one of the most prepared.

It was on my 79th day that things started to go horribly wrong. I wandered off from the gas station I had for the past 40 days considered safe haven. I had a gallon of water, a rifle with plenty of ammo, and enough food to last me a night should I get stranded. It wasn't enough.

I always thought it would be the wolves that would get me. They had been traveling in packs of 2-3 lately; if all of them came at me, surely I would take down one, maybe two, but I knew if a pack came at me I would be wolf bait. I was wrong. As I wandered up the coast, it started to get cold, as night drew closer. I heard an eerie baying close by - a wolf. I prepared myself, searching in all directions. It came charging, snarling and snapping its jaws. I took it down, but then I heard more growling - its pack. I knew standing my ground was a death sentence, so I ran, and I ran. To my luck, I came across a sea side cottage, to which I quickly escaped the snapping jaws of death in its enclosure. 

I thought to myself "I'll just stay the night here, let the wolf pack wander off." I foraged around for food - there wasn't much. Some salty crackers, a soda, and some frozen cooked rabbit. I drank half of my water, and ate some of my cooked wolf jerky that I had in my pack and began to kip for the night. 

I awoke to the screaming howl of the wind the next morning. I poked my head out and surely enough pure white out conditions. It had to have been at least -40, and going out would be just as surely a death sentence as the wolf pack was. I hunkered down, sipped my water and gnawed the last bits of the jerky as I drifted off to sleep to the symphony of cracking trees and ice falling. I woke a few hours later. The wind had died down! It was time. I drank the last of my water, and ate the cooked rabbit I had retrieved from the freezer previously.

This was a mistake. Not long after I finished the rabbit, there was the gut wrenching pain. I knew instantly: Food poisoning. I forced down some antibiotics I kept in my med kit, laid down praying for it to go away, or the release of a quick death. The wolves didn't sound so bad, now. I drifted off to darkness...

I awoke several hours later, the sun was just rising. I was starving, thirsty, and the howling wind was louder than ever. I had no choice. I steeled myself, eating the last few saltines in my pack, greedily drinking the soda I had found before leaving the house.

I immediately bolted. I knew with this cold, I had very little time to get to safety. I ran and ran, only stopping mere moments to catch my breath. I was soon freezing, and I had no idea how much further I had to go. Soon, numbness set in, I stopped shivering, my body was giving up. I knew I had to keep pressing on. Finally there was a familiar car in the road. I was almost there! 

I was exhausted, I stumbled past the car. I could see the feint outline of the gas station through the wind and snow. There was hope! A few steps from the door I heard a growl; I turned around but it was too late. I couldn't fight the wolf. I was too tired, too cold, too numb. On my 82nd day, I faded out, into the long dark.

The wolves got me after all.


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Positive review has just been added on Steam and i am so so so so sorry i hadn't done this before now!

I dont think i have ever posted a review on any game i own as i just had never thought to. But this is my favourite game i own and what a game to start that with. Thank you for providing such a wonderful game i adore and letting me into this warm family. I am proud to have written that and i hope its humble message helps. Thank you Hinterland.

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On 6/21/2017 at 2:12 PM, Mel Guille said:

Wow, nice writing @Caffeinequeen -- that's a review to raise your heart rate!

Hey thanks a lot, @Mel Guille I appreciate it! I only wrote what happened in the game, so it's just a lens with which to see the real talent; the game itself. I know that probably sounded cheesy as hell, though haha. Seriously, I appreciate the work that has gone into it, and hope others get to enjoy it as well.


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