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I experienced a problematic bug today. I was outside and my character said "glad another nights over" or something to that effect, when it had been day for several hours, maybe that has something to do with the following issue.

I was freezing very quickly despite having on very warm clothes, but when I built a fire and raised it to it's maximum extent my cold wouldn't go down, this seems unrealistic as I was inches away from that fire, for it to affect my cold so little seems weird, is this a bug or a variable in the game?

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It's been covered many times by Jeremy, so hopefully he can cut and paste the appropriate explanations... but generally there are a lot more factors behind the fire than simply having instant or raging heat.

Some basic factors:

  • The fire takes time to heat up (it's not instant warmth temperature)

  • Different types of wood have different fire values (burning time, heat values, etc.)

  • Heat radius and heat bounce can also affect heat patterns

  • Windchills, airflow, weather conditions, and wind protection can make a difference

  • Until the air temperature climbs above zero, you may not necessarily see a change in coldness direction as you would still be freezing. If you've ever been freezing IRL and then crouched in front of a fire, you've probably noticed it might take a while to feel the full effect - and sometimes you only feel the heat in certain areas of the body. The ingame temperature covers the general overall body temperature, not just warm hands, feet, etc. - so that can sometimes also throw players off since most games simply give complete heat immediately.

One solution is to use multiple fires around you - if you place fires on opposite sides of you, you'll also be more likely to be in the combined heat radius area(s) ;)

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