Maps- have a graphical UI journal with the log combined?


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Not sure i like the idea of a map or minimap in the game itself.

But we do have a log.

I would like to see the log contained within a graphical UI journal the character could make notes in.

The journal could be an inventory item like a book.

Journal entry:

"Coastal highway- morning of day 32, found four small cabins just below the abandoned lookout and left a spare hatchet and some water in one"

Being able to sketch in the journal could be done by taking a small snapshot of the area you are in within the game mechanic while viewing the journal.

The snapshot could be a small radius like what you could see from the spot you are standing.

then as you travel you could piece together a crude map of your sketches.

I do know about the maps that are available, a lot of work went into those and i thank the creators.

Not sure how difficult this would be to implement, just throwing ideas around......

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I am way down with this idea for the same reason I'm happy that the put the book and quill which is custom notes.

In not as concerned about a map, but writing my own notes would make it good for safe house supply has/needs, areas where animals are plentiful and stuff like that.

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