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Okay, so, i want to talk about something that would make this game even more inmersive than already is. So, the special thing about this game and the reason why i love it so much, it's not his originality (and i'm not saying that it doesn't has it), it's the inmersive experience that bring to us, the players. One thing i could notice about, that it take me a little off the experience, it was when i did some action, and it didn't have any animation. Relax, i know this is just an alpha, but this is my wish in this moment about this game. Animations for the actions. when you loot, when you cook, when you do any stuff, more important, when you heal yourself.

A really great game, and it feels really good to play it through a lot of times.

I know you will have good content to release in the future. I hope you make my wish true :P

(By the way... sorry if my English is not the best)

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