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Hi all!

Picked this up a couple days ago after trying out the 1 hour trial. I got to 60 minutes, was still alive (in easy-mode where I'm covered in wolf-repellent, but still...), and couldn't give it up. Really enjoying the pace and atmosphere of this game over my usual fare.

That game started me in the camp office, so that became a base of operations of sorts. Went out exploring in each direction. So far I've found quite a few tools, a gun, have caught a rabbit in a snare, fished a little bit, and gotten completely lost.

Looking to start a new game today on a higher difficulty. Easy-mode is too...easy.

One question: I've been perusing these forums a bit today and see people talking about "hibernation" and "playing against the spirit of the game." Can someone expound on that for me? My natural inclination is pick a place as a base of sorts and stockpile resources while making day-long exploration trips out and back; at what point does that become "hibernation" as defined by you regulars?

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Hey there!

Super excited you're enjoying the game, especially since you mention it being not entirely similar to your "usual fare". What is the usual fare, if you don't mind me asking? It's always fun to hear newer players are already eager to be challenged.

As to hibernation, it is a topic that's discussed fairly frequently. Instead of giving you my interpretation, I'm going to link you to a thread the community has been building. It has a lot of thoughts on how hibernation should actually be defined, as well as some links to other relevant discussions.

You can find it here.

Hope that helps! Welcome to the community!

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Thanks for the warm welcome!

I'll go read that link.

Usual fare on the XB1 has been Destiny, Shadow of Mordor, and whatever's offered for free. So, it's mostly high-octane, action-oriented stuff. Destiny has been fun, but organizing 6 people into a team to complete raids can be a headache of people talking, guns firing. SoM is a blast, but I can only take so many hours of British orc growling.

In this, though there is a sense of foreboding, is still peaceful in many ways. I'm alone, I get to set my own pace. And it's my wits and planning that's tested, not my trigger finger.

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