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Disclaimerage, because this is how’s the time and age, strike through isn’t harsh, just a shout out fed back to Hinterland’s, looking at item descriptions, hilariously creative, writer(s); here’s a few of them.

Antibiotics: A bottle of Antibiotics. Take it to stop infection from spreading.

Aspirin itself isn’t generic enough to be Aspirin.

Capitalized noun fetish. I don’t judge, you should see mine.

Take it, it what take it, it the bottle you mean take it?

Now that it’s not spreading anymore how do I treat it?

Granola bar: Dry and crunchy.

I like mine crunchy dry.

Hunting rifle: An old .303 calibre bolt-action hunting rifle. Will bring a deer down. Maybe a wolf.

Old? How old? Bucket of bolts old? How about blue?

Blue, old .303 calibre bolt-action hunting rifle.



Old .303 calibre bolt-action hunting rifle, brushed bold blue but stripped back bare beige brown.

Calibre? British spelling from British Columbia :o

What makes the difference between a bolt-action hunting rifle and a bolt-action rifle you hunt with? Maybe a wolf, if it doesn’t bolt.

Torch: A simple torch – the same kind that’s dispelled the darkness for thousands of years. Might even keep the Wolves at bay.

How many kinds of hi-tech torches are there, exactly?

Also yes, thousands, ever since Aliens planted man in the Earth; we’ve been growing like silly Radishes since, for thousands Of years.

Might even keep, keep your old rifle mighty close though, though itself might not bring the Wolves down.

Simple tools: Simple tools, usable for basic crafting and repair.

Accelerant: Low-volume fuel source designed to help start fires; ex. lighter fluid.

Source? So that's where low-volume fuel comes from.

It’s unclear to me what a low-volume fuel is, you mean it comes in a portable small can?

Surely, you must refer to specific energy, energy per unit mass. Naphtha, ~31 GJ/t compared to wood, ~16 GJ/t.

This? You mean this?

31GJ/t that’s 31 MJ/kg ~ 8.7kWh/kg ~7400 Cal/kg; compared to proteins and carbs, 17 MJ/kg ~4000 Cal/kg. About the same as wood as it turns out, little bit better. So why do we eat meatball spaghetti, not trees or naphtha? Not the former because nobody really wants to openly eat wood and not the latter because it doesn’t grow neither on neither in trees.

Fuel doesn’t light your fire, fire burns fuel.

[spoil]96x96-BillTarling.thumb.jpg.d62832a712c4Good quality knife with a stainless steel blade and wooden handle.

Stainless wood blade handle.

Can opener: An implement for opening cans.

[spoil]Cardboard strike-anywhere matches.

Lived all this time thinking all matches are made of wood until I found out cardboard is another state of matter wood comes in.

Storm lantern: Wind-proof storm lantern with mechanical ignitor. Burns kerosene.

Good thing it’s not one of those non-Wind-proof storm lanterns.

Burns windproof.

Arrowhead: Sharp metal tip for an Arrow, improvised from scrap.

Thank heavens it’s not a blunt Metal tip for an Arrow, those are Worst at making maws.

Scrap improvised sharp.

Flare: A throwable flare. Loud enough to scare wildlife.

Nothing I hate more than those Acme, unthrowable Flares.

For the longest time I thought loud enough to scare wildlife was the benchmark; this lead to incredible feelings of ineptness and frustration until one came along and said, “It’s not the size but the mass.” I got emotional, “what you just – one day I’ll become a writer.”

Crow feather: A feather from a Crow. Add it to an Arrow Shaft to make a usable, stabilized arrow.


From a Crow? What Crow?





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I,myself,don`t see anything hilarious in any of those item descriptions.Those descriptions are easyly understandable for ordinary game players,which many have not english language as their primary one.And I am happy,that designers simplyfied descriptions,not trying make them contain abstract academic words.

But I do see hilarious your making fun of team writers.Game is enjoyable and does not need so detailed analizing and picking up on every tiny piece of it.

But,maybe you are too genious for this ordinary game and we,poor players,are not within your range of higher inteligence.Oh,I appologize...maybe I missunderstood everything again... ;)

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I don't really see the OP as trying to be nasty (unless I missed something - I didn't read the entire first post)... mostly just pointing out some observations... some comical, some gramatical (to the letter of grammatical law rather than for general atmosphere or subjective descriptive licensing) -- but I don't believe the OP is directly trying to belittle or put down the studio or players.

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