Survivorman tie-in would be great


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I've been a huge fan of the show Survivorman, particularly the episodes in the Canadian north. When I saw this game on Steam, I knew I wanted it immediately based on that alone. It looks and feels amazingly like that show - and it has not disappointed. You're completely alone, have to assess your surroundings, shelter/cold, water, then food, and so on. So cool. Sure the wildlife attacks are a stretch, but even there you have a nice disclaimer.

Anyway, I'd love to see a tie-in. Maybe one of the corpses is clearly Les Stroud, maybe he has a broken camera gear on him or something? Even better, you can find his harmonica and play it at night before bed to help you sleep better. Anyway, a nod to the folks who made this genre great would be nice to see.

Love the cat tails, snares, and other things already!

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