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Hi all. I picked up the preview of this on the Xbox One and after the hour time demo I was hooked. I dont even care too much for micromanagement in survival games but the way y'all implemented it through the UI is brilliant. Very intuitive.

I'm currently making my way through day 5 of surviving. I'm not sure how many areas there are, but its just depressingly gigantic! The world is impressively large. I was expecting something scary at Misanthropes Residence. Haha.

You guys and gals have got something very special working here and I'm telling everyone who will listen how great this is (and its not even a full game yet!!)

Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see the future updates.

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Thanks for the kind words! Looking forward to hearing about some of your adventures.

Point of reference: There are three full maps with transition zones connecting them. If you've been to Misanthrope's, that means you've discovered at least two. Nicely done!

Thanks again and welcome to the forums!

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