Stove door open when not in use


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When trying to exit out of the stove right after interacting with it the door stays open, allowing the user to put some things inside the stove. The grate can be closed when interacting with it again, and this does not bring up the stove interaction menu. I used a gamepad, but it can be reproduced on a keyboard.

Repro Steps

1. Find a stove and interact with it.

2. As soon as you press the button to interact with spam the button to exit the stove menu.

3. The door stays open, allowing you to put things like lanterns in there (and this causes a lighting bug).

Expected occurrence

The grate closes after you exit.

Actual occurrence

The grate stays open after exiting.

Impact on user

None really.

Repro success-rate


Computer used/tested

Macbook Pro (Early 2015) running OSX 10.10.3

Game version


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