Reach through table to the door


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In FARMHOUSEA (2.7, -148.2, 7.0) it is possible to reach through the table by the stove to open and exit through the door.

Repro Steps

1. Go to the farmhouse in Pleasant Valley {2.7, -148.2, 7.0}

2. Stand in front of, and look at, the stove on the ground floor.

3. Look at the door to the right (by the refrigerator) and walk toward it.

4. Get the "Door" text and press the button to exit the room through the table.

Expected occurrence

Be blocked by the table.

Actual occurrence

Can exit the room through the table.

Impact on user

None really, just removes realism.

Repro success-rate


Computer used/tested

Macbook Pro (Early 2015) running OSX 10.10.3

Game version


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