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So I was playing the other day, on the hardest difficulty, and starving to death slowly. All seemed to be lost, but then I stumbled upon a deer carcass that had 1.1Kg of meat on it. I quickly harvested the meat, but no sooner had I finished harvesting it when a wolf came along. I had no weapons with me so I dropped a decoy to get away. Now, in my inventory, I had a 1kg chunk of venison and a 0.1kg chunk of venison... which one did I drop?

The 1kg chunk of course.

Then I starved to death.


More seriously, can the decoy system be adjusted somewhat? Maybe you can make your own decoys? Like harvest a can of dog food to produce two decoys from it?

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I have tried to get a discussion going on about dropping decoys on steam: ... 173642280/

The things that are the most important is that you when you use the decoy button you will drop the item with the highest scent value which is the longest in your inventory. If you want to drop the tiny piece first you should drop your meat when you are safe and pick up the tiny piece first.

Another thing you can do to create small pieces of meat is cancelling harvesting 0,5kg. If you stop it almost immediately (not TOO fast) you will only harvest a tiny bit which can then be used for decoy (raw meat is dropped before cooked meat).

As discussed in my steam thread, having a decoy menu where you select what to use as a decoy would be best.

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