Forage wood till you die


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When foraging wood while playing with a gamepad, if you press the button to accept the choices you made regarding the wood forage more than once it decides to forage while foraging. This can be repeated as many times as you can mash that button before you die, and you can't cancel the action.

Repro Steps

1. Have a gamepad (like an XBox 360 controller) plugged in and ready to go.

2. Start any game (I would recommend against testing this on an adventure in progress).

3. Bring up the Survival Panel and choose to forage wood.

4. Select any amount of any wood to harvest and mash away at the accept button

Expected occurrence

Forage only once. Not to die from it without the ability to exit out and save yourself.

Actual occurrence

Forage forever until you die. Unable to exit from foraging.

Impact on user

Dies a horrible death.

Repro success-rate


Computer used/tested

Macbook Pro (Early 2015) running OSX 10.10.3

Game version


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