Loving this game soo much


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Hi all,

I am playing this game on Xbox one, I have to say WELL DONE HINTERLAND!

I took the 1 hour trial and I have to say it took minutes to decide to pay for the game. I have been telling everyone I know who plays games to check it out and explain just how good it is already even though its still an alpha.

TLD is excatly the game I have been looking for.

It's fresh not like most others making and remking the same thing over and over.

It creates an atmosphere which captures my imagination and has me going from completely relaxed to absolutely expecting to die.

I love the fact there is no going back once you die. deleting save games once dead is one of the best things that creates the tension.

I love exploring all zones or just "camping" in a single location.

The constant fight for survival is uncanny

I look forward to future improvements and additions.

Keep up the good work guys

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