Woman sprains ankle almost every walk

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Been playing as the female character for 147 days.

Female character seems to sprain ankle almost every walk!!! Character sprained ankle twice on 1 walk. Took pain-killers the first time and then just let her hobble for the remainder of the day! :roll:

This appears to be a recent tuning thing because I don't remember it happening so often as before.

Anyway, tuning on ankle sprains appears to be excessive.

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I somehow doubt that this is related to the female character only. You're probably either just unlucky or the devs increased the chance to sprain an ankle in general (= for both characters). ;)

I wouldn't mind a higher probability to sprain an ankle at all as I always considered painkillers to be overabundant (in relation to the amount of sprained ankles/run). On my longest run (when I was completely out of both antiseptic/lichen bandages and antibiotics/reishi tea) I still had about 60 painkillers and some cups of rosehip tea left when I died.

Even though I probably walked (or to be more precise ran) hundreds of km in deep snow during this run, my character hardly ever sprained an ankle. It only happened maybe once every week (sometimes not a single time for months) which always felt kind of odd. As far as I remember I actually never ran out of painkillers during ANY run which was quite a pitty in a way as I never really had to care much about this mechanics. ;)

So +1 for an increased chance to sprain an ankle in order to make painkillers/rosehip tea an actual resource that you can run out of.^^

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(Voyageur diff.):

From experience I agree that slopes tend to sprain your ankles. Also, I feel more weight carried does the same. Has anyone else payed notice to this? I sprained ankles 3 times in a single run, all with me somewhere above 25kg weight in the pack.

I have not sprained a single ankle since chugging away the rifle and other unneeded stuff (now well below 20kg). Not sure if it is just me, or true.

EDIT: I also believe that painkillers are too abundant vs. the sprain frequency - and other meds for that matter. Have not needed natural medicine yet in my current 30 day run at all :/ kinda sad

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