Compass & Longer lasting blood trails


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I am super addicted to this game as it really is AWESOME. WELL DONE HINTERLAND for making this game so amazing even in alpha. I look forward to more improvements/additions to come.

Although a compass isn't so important once you have learned a map or able to use "landmarks" to navigate until you do I think a compass would just help. I know we can use the sun also but that's only when we can see it. Just a thought.

Blood trails. The one thing I have an issue with (except excessive blizzards LOL) is the short duration that blood trials last. I am often hitting wolves with my bow or fighting them off with a knife and often running after the wounded wolf I lose it because the blood just disappears too quickly to find it. If it just lasted a litte bit longer that would be better.

Of course I understand if it is snowing lots or windy then it would last less time that would be realistic also but have lost so many wolves because I lost its trail it gets frustrating.

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But would not the geomagnetic storm, which caused the disaster, interfere with the compass?

I agree with better blood trails or even tracking the pray with its footsteps when there is no storm of course.

This is the general consensus..

And I also agree with adding more persistent animal sign (footprints, blood trails)

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Perhaps a sextant? But requires daylight.

I had a thought the other day, it's probably too fantastical, but we don't know what's causing the storm. Perhaps a piece of special meteorite that if you put it down your compass points to it. So you can always find your home.

Nope, now that I typed that I think it sounds ridiculous.

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