Playing through on hard difficulty

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So I have been playing this game for a while now. Off and on but more recently I have been playing it quite a bit more. I had no problem getting a long survival time going on the medium difficulty. So I thought I would step it up to the hard setting. Wow. Different experience.

But there were a few things I have come to realize could use some improvement:

1. Torches- As your main wolf defense early game, a lack of flares can lead you to an early mauling. So I have been needing to craft torches. And I found myself frequently going to the nearest workbench right off the bat. and depending on where your start point is you might have to cut through several packs of wolves which means death. Or you can try to skirt around them and hope you dont run into more. I recently found myself trapped in a fishing hut within the first 5 minutes of a game because I got bracketed into the cul-de-sac on Mystery Lake. I honestly do not have a problem with that happening I actually like that I was in a rough spot. It was more tense. But what frustrated me was I had not had the chance to get to a workbench because the Office was blocked by wolves. So I had all the materials to make a torch and I couldn't because...why? The torch looks like some scrap material on a branch. I understand the need to have a vice and such for crafting more complicated items but not being able to wrap some cloth around a branch is a little frustrating for such a simple task.

2. Map edges: I found myself just generally exploring. Trying to get off the same paths I take to and from places. What I found was that most of the time there isn't anything. No wildlife. no fauna. nothing. and what I realized why I had been taking the same paths was because going off the main areas isn't rewarded in fact its more of a punishment. You don't get resources, harvested or scavenged. Also the more distant areas that do have things are usually never worth the trip. It seems that more often than not you are taking a gamble on finding anything at all. If there are isolated spots that are hard to get to or time consuming to travel to there should be some benefit. I find myself not going to these isolated locations because I have a nearly 100% chance that investing my time into my immediate area is going to net benefit or at the very least not produce a deficit. It feels like you can go off the beaten path of the one or two ways to survive, but it is never a good choice.

That said I understand this game mode wont be the whole game and I am excited for the full release and the story mode.

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