Would like a more Interactive Environment!


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LOVE,LOVE,LOVE this game(I am addicted :) and this is the first time I have ever posted anything about a game or cared to do so. A couple things for the developers that I think would make the game even MORE popular (imagine that! ;) )

1. A more interactive environment. i.e.- being able to sit in chairs, manipulate objects to make your home a home. I am not talking Sims here just a way to tidy up a bit would be nice. Fix broken cabinets, clean up trash etc..etc..

2. Going to the bathroom- Hey we all need to go, so why not make it apart of the game play. Would make it a lot more believable.

3. More stuff to craft and more food/game to eat/hunt.

4. What about an introduction to a pet/companion? Maybe a wolf pup? Then you are the one in charge caring for it and the benefit is it can also protect you.

5. MORE PLACES TO GO!! I would like to play this game for a while so making more places to go would be AWESOME!

Just my 2 cents. Can't wait to see what more the developers come up with and playing the final product. Thank you for such a wonderful, creative and inventive game. Really do wish there were more like this.

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