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First I would like to apologize for my English is not my first language, but it is enough for you guys understand what I mean.

During the game I realized that a coffee can weighs 0.1 KG (100g), and it is enough for just one cup, this morning, while making coffee I realized that this was much heavier than it should be, let's do math.

100g ground coffee in the game earns 1 Mug, suppose if this is 150ml of coffee, we multiply by 5 To ease the calculations, 500g of ground coffee for 750ml of coffee, in theory this sounds acceptable, but 500g of ground coffee is exactly this way:


Pretty big for only 5 mugs , uhn ?

So in the game that amount of coffee, that would be 750ml " about 25,5oz " , if we look in the box, we can see that 80g of ground coffee yields 20 cups of 50ml, in other words 1000ml, 1000g of coffee actually yield 12500ml, it is a big difference.

I wrote this giant text on the coffee weight to basically say that the coffee in the game is weighing 12.5 times more than you should weigh, and that, however small the detail is is a very big difference and it's something me bother even considering the tin weight is not enough to have that weight.

Basically, the coffee weight should be decreased .

I never thought I would write a dissertation on the coffee weight in a videogame...

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A justification can be made for the weight of the coffe, maybe it's in a metallic container that keeps it fresh.

Only in respect of balance these things should be adjusted - the same way the guy in the other thread was saying that a steak would fill up a lot more than it does in game: it's a matter of game balance, not realism.

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100g ground coffee in the game earns 1 Mug,

That seems very high, are you sure that number is right? I often carry around a bunch of ground coffee and I seem to recall that it doesn't weigh a lot, maybe 10g per cup. It usually says the weight is 0.1kg or even 0.0kg if you don't carry that much. A mug of brewed coffee would obviously weigh more because of the added water, though.

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