And this is why I play this game (XBOX - ML Map)

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Here I was, a fresh 10 days into a new survival story. Found a nice rifle in the Forest Overlook and had about 10 lbs of fresh meat and about .5 gallon of potable water on me. Made my way to the Dam, killed fluffy, mainly out of spite, since he had ended my previous two playthroughs -- he's like a ninja! I stumbled upon the Carter River exit to the Dam that I had not seen the first time I actually cleared the Dam (actually in my free hour of gameplay). I dropped all but 1 lb of meat and .1 gallons of water, I even dropped my bedroll in case I stumbled upon something amazing and wanted to make sure I could carry anything I could find. I wouldn't be gone long, right? Wrong.

Apparently I decided that midnight was a great time for a trek through the Frozen Tundra. It was a nice 21 degrees overall so cold wasn't an issue, so I carried on, ne'er a care in the world. I collected cat tails, scared off a few rabbits, and even encountered a few creepy frozen corpses on my travel. Finally, when hunger and thirst were about 50%, I decided to hit my reserve meat and water and just lead myself back to my stockpile awaiting me at the Dam entrance. Little did I know, I was not turning back to go to the Dam, but rather I took a different path, one that would eventually lead me to a cave. I had a lantern with .05 gallons of kerosene and a torch at my side, why not venture in. Hunger/Thirst @ 25%, Fatigue at 50%, eh, I'll be fine, I shan't be long.

Was I ever wrong. I make it through the caves many passages, find an empty backpack, a corpse, and an old burned out campfire. Poor soul, I think, I'd sure hope I'll not end like him. The cave was unusually warm, my body temperature rose to an acceptable level, but I could not fight the fatigue, thirst and hunger overcoming me. Finally, I decide it's time to leave, my fatigue was at a concerning 75% full, and my thirst and hunger were being kept at bay. Alas, wrong turn after wrong turn, one torch burnt out, and my lantern at a mere .01 gallons of fuel. Fatigue creeping to 90%, lights dimming, surely all hope is lost. But what's this? as the flame extinguishes on my lantern, leaving me all but ready to turn the rifle on myself, I find a corpse in a corner, beef jerky, peaches, soda, and a bottle of water. What's better is he has firewood, and a bedroll! My worry is over.

I love these games because even when all hope is lost, and you're going to pay the ultimate price for being too complacent with your survival skills, you can find hope in a dimly lit corner of a cavern. And finally return to your home, hoping another wolf has not made his way into the Dam.

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