Deer Running into Mountain Wall

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I was in the Coastal Highway area of ML, at the trailer near the logging camp area (That's the easiest way for me to describe it). I wasn't really interested in necessarily killing this deer but it ran away from me. It got bugged running straight into a rock cliff face nearby. I went up to it and shot two rifle rounds into it (for science, you know) and the bullets wouldn't kill it.

I went into the trailer and slept for two hours, stepped out of the trailer to find a fresh deer carcass filled with meat. I would assume this to be a bug so I just wanted to report it, maybe just a glitch in the deer's pathing or particle collision. I mean, thanks for the free 20 lbs of meat, but I don't think that was intentional.

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Guest mcopeman

Thanks for posting! It sounds like your deer took at least one bullet and ended up bleeding out. I'll look into him getting stuck and not dying.


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