How do I repair my bow?


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So, I've got some extra maple saplings lying around, and I thought I might at one point repair the bow, but the 'ACTIONS'-button seems to indicate it's not possible to do anything with it yet.

Does it become possible to repair the bow only when it drops beneath a certain percentage (say, 10% quality) or what?


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Using such limited resources like Maple to repair the bow would be a waste.

Even if such an option existed I'd really prefer to craft a brand new bow at the "cost" of 2 more guts than waste one Maple on even a 70% repair.

Not to mention that the repair could even fail.

The same thing goes for the arows.

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The bow simply degrades and breaks :( makes sense, though.

On arrows, make sure to harvest them before they break completely (reach 0%) - that way you get an extra crow feather per arrow (3, as opposed to 2 from a broken arrow). Can be hard to keep track of, since the condition lost with every shot depends on what, and how hard you hit.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.