I had a bear disappear on me


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So I went out to hunt at the coastal highway village, and I spot a bear climbing up the path to the cottage on the far side of town.

Since I don't want to be bothered by a bear roaming back and forth through town, I decide to stick a few arrows in it.

I lure the beast back down the path (because I don't want to walk all the way back and forth to harvest all that meat when it finally collapses). For the third arrow, I'm near the door of one of the cabins, it's coming towards me, so I take aim, give it a shot and turn around the corning to bolt in the door if that monster comes running for me.

Now, I'm already pretty sure I missed it, but I'm taking no chances. Anyway nothing happens, so I decide to take a peek. No bear. So I'm like: where has it gone? Has it moved behind a tree, or behind the burnt down cabin next to it? Has it collapsed already?

So I scope out the vicinity of where I saw the bear last, but nothing. It's like it's evaporated.


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Guest mcopeman

Did you go inside the cabin or just near the door? How long were you hiding for? If a bear can't get to you they will loose interest and wander off.


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I did not enter the house, and I'm pretty sure I saw the arrow hit the ground next to the bear.

As a side note: I hit that bear in the body a couple of times before, and both times it just ran from left to right and back a bit. So I don't think an arrow next to it is going to spook it to run halfway across my horizon in the time it takes me to jump behind the house and back.

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