Silly mistake cost me a lot......


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:oops: Wow I guess I really needed sleep in real life for making a mistake like that.. I was on a real good survival trip this time too, was getting ready to head out to Pleasant Valley the next morning. Had my Bear Skin sleeping bag, Wolf Skin Coat, Deer Skin Pants, and Deer Skin Boots "but no Rabbit Mittens". All clothing was 100% condition and was fixing my knife and hatchet when I needed sleep. I forgot about taking off all my cloth, so they would be good and fresh in the morning and just hopped in the bed and went to sleep for 8 hours. I only made it to about 5 hours when the dreaded red letters (you have faded into the Long Dark) came up on the screen.. :cry: .. I'm still asking myself why did I do... Here is a Screenshot of my 43 days and 20 hours 1 minute.

( ... crollTop=0)

:mrgreen: But not to worry I will start over and learn from my mistakes.. Happy surviving all you ""Long Dark Players"".........

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I made a silly mistake today. On my first stalker run day 14 and everything was going well. I needed one wolf skin to start my coat so off I went to kill a wolf. After the fight I was at 60% condition and went to put a bandage on, to my horror I didn't have any left. I ran for my life back to my house and was losing blood bad and freezing. I got attacked by another wolf and went to 17%. By time I got through the door I was 9% went to my first aid cabinet and didn't have any left in there either!!!!! As a last resort I grabbed some cloth from the drawer and tried to harvest a bandage but bleed out in the process. I definitely learned some lessons. Haha

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