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Xb1,normal difficulty,8hr warm box.

Plesant Valley, home stead, frame rate drop in cellar, when entering light source from windows. During blizzard outside. Choppy...Storm light on prevents drop/chop.flare had no effect.

Homestead again, game spawn start, looted 50 %, left house , entered closest car, re-entered house, house inventory reset. Double the loo, Woot! Lost all stored items...moot. Could not get respawn for replication.

Minor, Harvest ghost tree beard, seems to lower PoV.

Wolf can ghost thru bolder at hunting lodge initiating attack animation after a few attempts of bobbing up and down. Player 1meter from door,facing west with rifle. Wolf 6 or so meters facing east (player) behind boulder. Could see head bobbing,aimed,attack animation started.

Title volume considerbly louder than game volume.

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Thanks for posting! in the future try to post each bug a separate thread makes it a little easier to track for the devs. Also a verbose title will help other users check to see if the bug has already been posted.

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Guest mcopeman

These issues are being looked into! Also you should see an increase in FPS with the next xbox update. Thanks for posting!


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This topic is now closed to further replies.