[solved] Where's my 200 days alive badge?


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So... I'm in 201 days now, single run, but no badge.

I know it's silly, but I was really looking forward to achieving the momento.

It's like running a marathon, picturing the medal in your mind, only to find out you don't get it because of some clerical error.

Thing is, I'm pretty much settled now, I've got a base at Quonset with best clothes, enough hides to last me a long time, plenty of arrows and materials to make more...

I guess there is not much more for me to do... and to begin all over again would feel like I was flushing everything down the toilet, so the achievements were pretty much what I was working towards.

Kind of a bummer.

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Guest mcopeman

Hmm well I'm glad that ended up resolving itself. Was there any action that seemed to trigger the event?


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