Thanks for the new computer (and TLD)


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After watching several let's play game videos on YouTube, I decided that I wanted to purchase this game. I have not seen a game that was worth my time and money in a long time, until I saw TLD. My current computer was 'adequate' for what I was doing, but would not run TLD. I convinced my spouse that since I haven't built a new computer for 10 years, it was time to do so. She agreed, because she would get my old computer.

For my first run I lasted 10 days and was hooked! I have killed a Bear with one shot, killed Fluffy with an arrow and found a bunker. Next I am headed to the Coastal Highway, looking forward to may hours and days of exploring.

Thanks for a great game, and more to come.

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Woo hoo! I just got a new graphics card and had a field day, so I'm super excited to hear you got a brand new rig. That's always a big deal, and having an adequate system really makes a difference when you're gaming.

So glad to hear you're enjoying the game and were able to get everything up and running. And a ten day run fresh out of the gate is pretty impressive! Don't get too confident, that's when the game will get you ;)

Welcome to the forums!

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