Rabbit carcass not clearing


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I'm playing in Pleasant Valley and a rabbit I caught in a snare over one week ago (in-game time) is still there even though it has been completely stripped and gutted.

Other rabbits have been caught since then and they all have cleared, there's only this particular one that persists...

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Well, PV just happens to be the map I like the most and the one I tend to play in, so that's probably the reason I haven't experienced the bug anywhere else.

Anyway, it happened both times with at least a week passed in-game and unfortunately I can't say whether or not the carcasses were completely frozen.

The rabbits were always killed by a trap and the only peculiar thing I can think of is that if I catch a rabbit I usually pick up the trap and place it immediately back next to the dead rabbit before even starting to harvest it.

The bug happened on 2 different computers on 2 different saves.

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