transportable dead animals


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I think it should be possible to transport unprocessed animals to a safer location before starting the gutting operations.

There will be an overweight downside to that, but it would be wiser to transport the carcass to a safe/warm place before starting the retrival of meat/guts/hides.

This would also make for something to do in houses after sundown and prevent the loss of daytime because we could just pack up the 2 rabbits we caught and bring them home instead of processing them where they died.

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+1! Especially for a handful of rabbits. Should also be possible to sling a deer over the shoulders (considering the ~8kg meat, they'll weigh around 20kg?), maybe even a wolf. With encumbrance downsides ofcourse

Was this an intentional joke related to the description of the gun? "Will bring down a deer, maybe even a wolf"

Which of course is funny considering the size difference of the two, which is why your sentence is also awesome :P.

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