Pack hunters, equipt items, animal tracks

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First off, love the game. True, I haven't played it extensively and I may be a bit premature with my wish list but this is coming from someone who genuinely enjoys the game.

I think it would be really cool if the wolf AI matched a little better with actual wolf hunting behaviors. Wolves are not solitary animals and more often than not I find wolves wandering around alone. I recently ran into a wolf on the way back to my cabin after a day of fishing and used a flare to keep it at bay. It was a frightening experience and I didn't want to turn my back to it. Now imagine if on that dark windy night there were four wolves circling me, snarling and barking, every once in a while one would get brave only for me to step toward it with the flare in hand. Now that would be terrifying, and better capture the power of the wolf. I also think killing a single wolf should be a little easier (would be easy to do so if packs became a thing, weaken the wolf but they have strength in numbers) though I still haven't really had much luck with the combat system.

Another cool edition would be needing to equip all items, not just the light sources. "I need to go foraging for wood!" equip axe, "I need to carve up some deer meat!" equip knife. "Oh cuss wolf!" switch back to hatchet. Adds a level of emersion if I can see what I am using in my opinion.

Lastly, animal tracks would be cool. Really adds to the survival part of the game.

(P.s. Just thought of this, different wolf types would be cool. Packs of normal wolves lead by a larger Alpha wolf, or maybe a sick/injured wolf wandering on its own?)

Again, love the game, will still play with or without my wish list, though obviously I prefer with ;).

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