#31 Backpack Bedroll Clash [v.065]

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v.065 - Backpack bedroll Clash

Location: Backpack on ground between loggers camp and clearcut

Incident: (as per video) The player places his bedroll on the ground and it meshes with the backpack already there.

Additional Note: The fire is build right on a footprint, but the footprint is still there even after fire burns out. Should fire melt snow area slightly, and remove things like that? (perhaps leave slightly blank area where fires have burned outdoors, or replace burned out fires with chared logs and ashes -- just something different compared to freshly built fire placements]

Watch video @ 22:24 Mark

[bBvideo 560,340:2d8jv23h]

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v.065 - Another Different Video Example...

Location: broken shed at Logging Camp

Incident: bedroll merges with corpse on ground when place.

Also note: it appears that the bedroll could be placed in the fire [i may attempt if not fixed for next version release]. I'm assuming the bedroll isn't flameproof, so should be destroyed by fire afterwards if by design.

Watch video @ 13:35 Mark

[bBvideo 560,340:1ida15xi]

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