PV Ammo?


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Just wondering how many rounds usually spawn in PV

It varies... loot spawn amounts also depend on mode played

And the gun bunker did not spawn

The gun bunker isn't the only type of bunker... as well, bunkers are relatively random spawn, which might be located in different areas per game. There's at least one bunker spawn on Mystery Lake and Pleasant Valley map per game.

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I found ~20 rounds in ML (voyageur diff), went quickly into PV headed straight for x-road, 2 cabins + store + car netted 2 rounds.

I bet there should be more on the map but I'm now back in ML and planning to stay for at least a week more (sapplings curing & some pelts) before I head back into PV. Will report once I scouted most of PV how many more I found, cheers.

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Found ~ 12 rounds in the radio tower in PV. Now am back to ML again. There's a wolf and a bear patrolling in the area between the cave exit / entrance and radio tower / bridge.

Next trip, in a week or two (Game time) will go check out the farmer's house and post back if I found any ammo.

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