Feedback - sound of the blizzard makes you chilly!!


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Hi everyone,

Id just quickly like to say that playing games casually has been a part if my life since the early 90s. Ive never been a fan if anything that holds my hand and guides me through it. Just give me your best and lets see how i do. (Demon / dark souls being my recent favourite).

So having never seen this game i jumped straight in on the hardest difficulty (xbox1) and was immediatly greeted with pitch blackness, a raging blizzard with sound effects so well done i could feel the chill, and some brilliant, thought proving music. 5 minutes later; i'm dead.

That was 3/4 days ago and i havnt even considered playing anyhing else with my hour / hour and a half before bed.

This game looks great, and immediately sucks you in. Everyghing feels clean and with a purpose; there is no design for designs sake. Fire (and flares in particular) are excellent, snow and fog make me feel cold sat in my comfy living room, and little touches like seeing smoke coming from your hut telling you your warm fire is still going warms me feel cosy inside. The weather dies conpletely steal the show. You carefully manage yourself to regain condition ahead of a new day, just to be battered by the weather and are forced to coop up in your little cabin with just a tin of beans.

Dont think ive ever played an alpha or beta before, id be happy with this how it is!!

Changes / glitches / problems ive seen -

* Getting stuck in rocks, mainly while hifing from the wind under bridges in pleasant valley.

* Doesnt always save correctly when playing as the woman. Save is gone when i return.

* When curing items it should mention in the description it must be left on the floor. I had meat in a container for a day before i realised it wasnt working.

* The amount of light a roaring fire creates indoors is very low, especially from the barrel in the pleasant valley barn. That would easily be enough to light the whole room but i still need a lantern when moving around.

* is it me, ir do frozen corpses almost never have any items on them??

Overall though this is just being picky. Best value for money since state if decay.

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Hey! Always excited to meet new players and hear what got them hooked. If you're looking for a game that doesn't hold your hand, you've done right by jumping in to The Long Dark.

For your list...

We're constantly working on areas that might get the player "stuck". Until then, remember that you can reload from your last save state, as long as you haven't tried to rest and your condition hasn't changed. The game saves when you rest, enter/exit a building, or (as I mentioned) when your condition changes -- Meaning when you're freezing, starving, and so forth. That leads into my next question: What are you doing when the game doesn't save "correctly"? I'm sure you've noticed there is no manual save feature, but you can try resting in a safe place for an hour before quitting. I'd recommend trying this a time or two the next time you're playing as the female character, just to make sure things are working as intended. Please let us know if it's still an issue.

Thanks for the rest of the feedback! Look forward to hearing more from you, and welcome to the community!

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Hello :)

As for the save, i think it relates to quitting straight to the dashboard / turning the xbox off. Since ive been quitting to the main menu I havn't had any issues with my save.

To be honest it was probably just coincidence that i was the woman at the time. Id been in and out the dam so it had had saved a bunch of times, though when i returned to the game it loaded up a save as the bloke from the night before??

Playing as the lad at the moment, but when he inevitably sprains both ankles and freezes to death ill try the girl again.

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