Animal Behavior, Variety, and Interactivity


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I have a mad hope... for mountain lions! I'm sure others have requested, but I think they would be a fantastic edition to the cast, and a frightening silent stalker of your poor survivor. Perhaps fast, but easy to scare off -- if you see them in time.

Some other ideas I think might be fun and interactive: racoons and opossums (get in your pantry and steal your food), wolverines, badgers, skunks. Skunk odor could be a useful racoon repellant, no? I'd think it would repel pretty much anything.

This might be a bit out there, but here it is. What about an option to "befriend" a wolf? If you're bold enough to feed one over a long period of time, it will no longer be aggressive towards you, and might even have a slim chance of assisting you in the hunt (pursing injured deer, for example?). Of course, if it gets badly injured or is hungry enough, it might also eat you.

On deer hunting: deer can be pretty dangerous in close quarters. If you are aggressive toward a deer in close range, would it be an unfair game mechanic for it to attack-and-run rather than just flee?

Thanks for this incredible game!

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