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I would love to see a way to place items as well as dropping them.

So when I'm putting down a bunch of soda, I can put in on a table instead of on the floor, or canned goods on a counter.

This girl sent a major issue, as I've learned how to stand so when I drop items I can have piles on the floor. But just thought I'd suggest it. Don't worry, still love the game, and getting eaten by wolves on a regular basis.

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+1 to placing items other than lanterns and stuff on shelves and tables etc.

The only problem what you get is that it is not in a container so it will degrade more quickly. Since degrading is one of your biggest enemies this means that you will only do that if you plan on using/consuming it soon or with items not degrading. If the degrading would be changed as if it was in a container, then you would get too many storage facilities. It will need to be balanced.

I would love to be able to stack my wood onto a nice pile though. Like really create your own tower of wood next to your stove or fireplace. That will make it more of a home.

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