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Not been playing long, but this is a few of my thoughts.

1: Eat / Drink tweaks.

A human can survive three days without water, and three weeks without food. A more realistic approach to this in the game would do boost the levels until you start to starve or get dehydrated.

Example 24-36 hours until you reach dehydration at least and a few days before you "starve". Hungry is one thing, but not die from it that fast. When dehydration/starvation sets in, you should only be able to walk.

2: "Crafting" overhaul.

Make it feel more that you are creating the tools for survival rather than an in game mechanics. I have created bows in the wilds myself and you only need a knife for it if even that. Have things like weapon repairs etc be useful with the workbench, but not everything. This goes for tools as well. Stone knifes/axes - Cutting tools from old tin cans - Improvised shelters - heating stones to sleep on - animal fat + a piece of cloth and a tin = candle for hours and hours. The list goes on.

3: More durable clothes.

Just started to play, but things wear out far too fast. It feels like you trash your clothes by just walking in them a few hours. Have it be considering on how much you end up in fights with the wildlife or while you work by gathering wood. The everyday wandered would not get ripped down like that unless he/she did something more hands on so to say.

4: Day / Night cycle tweaks with storms.

Perhaps an option at the beginning, cause IMO the hours tend to go by a tad too fast. To balance this you could set in storms that lasts for a full day and night or even more.

5: Time-frame for chores.

Some things feel they are a bit closer to reality than others. Cannot say exactly what parts are off, but generally you don´t have too much time to get things done in the light before it´s time to head on in again. Feels a bit like Sims 1 here and there where it took 45 min to drink an espresso.

6: Improvised weapons

Sharpen a stick and burn harden the tip - Stone sling - Rocks - Cut open tin can on a stick - Broken glass on floors to keep animals away and so on.

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So i have been playing again now after a long break, and it is a lot better. However, to stay clear of the tedious choirs of just staying alive, one would wish a few alterations could be made. These are just a few now to start off based on the first list i made.

1: Eat / Drink tweaks. ( still )

[align=center]A survival phrase is 3 min without air, three days without water, three weeks without food.[/align]

You still get too hungry too fast. Sure you burn calories faster when in cold weather, but the ratio is about 75% too harsh at least. Don´t get me wrong with the food part and that it´s hard. Finding food is not a big deal, but the calories burned after eating is way off. Also, preparation of food could be changed.

Take a can of dog food for example. Add a liter of water to it, and you will easy get a stew to fill you at least twice.

Add water to fat and meat and cook broth..and so on.

The same issue is with water, but somewhat more realistic.

However. A BIG issue is multitasking. What survivor in their right mind would sit idle around just starring at the snow to melt or the meat to cook? Why not have a pot of snow on the fireplace melting during the night? You could leave the meat on the stove or on a barbecue stick while doing something else and so on.

2: Better and more durable clothes.

Just in short, clothes do not deteriorate at this level. Walk from one cabbin to the next and you need repairs basically. Would make more sense if clothes got torn or ripped with smaller holes, or got damp.

Full lv 4 - useless lvl 0. As long as you repair them above level 2, you can keep them at top usage, but under 2, the damage is too severe and you cannot repair them to full capacity again.

3: Time-frame for chores.

Ripping apart a piece of cloth does not take 10 min. Boiling water does not take 50 min and so on. The time choirs take is still somewhat off.

4: Hunger thirst warning levels

Get enough hungry or thirsty, and you would wake up. I think i even starved to death or as such at some point but that is just ridiculous. A big deal breaker is that you are starved and dehydrated from nothing.

5: Randomized world

Not sure how this is working today, but a big thing to keep the interest up would be to randomize the world upon map loading.

Rotate the houses.

Relocate them.

Burn some.

Add others.

I know where there are knifes, flares, where the water bottles are located etc. Just by randomizing a few areas and items would go a long way to making The Long Dark feel more immersive after a few runs.

I would love to be forced to stay indoors for a few days on a higher lvl of difficulty, but that means you need to be able to stretch out your belongings.

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