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Would that be considered a luxury? I'm guiding myself with the sun and mountain peaks but sometimes its hard when under the trees or to close to the edge of a peak. Would it still work in such a case because of the natural event?

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This was bought up in the Pre Alpha, and would be considered Hand Holding in this survival game.

As mentioned, it probably wouldn't work properly because of the event that happened, but there are enough visual things in the game that let you navigate while in game play. Like sun, moon, stars, aurora borealis (aka ~ Northern Lights).

Just remember this is the Sandbox, and there will be more of a world in the Story Mode that will help you out being in the open more and not ALL bush . . .

Mind you I can't speak for Raph and the rest of the team, but I'm sure he would agree :)

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I realize just how dead this topic must be, but I couldn't help but share my perspective on things regarding "navigation" in the sandbox.

I love how you can look at your journal, check where you went every day from day zero, chronologically, being able to add personal notes to each day, and so on.

I also realize there are many "markers" in the world, by which you can tell your location and destination, but I'm thinking of something a little different here - mainly Cartography.

Ok, ok - it doesn't need to be anything fancy, but I believe that a survivalist should always map their region. And I'm not talking about anything game-breaking here - here's a hypothesis: While you're in your shelter, warming up and resting (as it would be in real life) - you draw out a pencil and a piece of paper and you draw your map of the already visited areas/roads you've taken, mark them, draw signs on Points Of Interest.

That would be real life - ingame, this could be done automatically, in your journal, with every new place you find. Again - minimalist design, pencil and paper themed, just so you're able to get an overview of the known areas, once you've pinpointed your current location using the world's markers. And we're not talking about any kind of "handholding" here - no navpoints, no player marker - just an overview of the known areas that your character "has drawn" on a page of the journal - paths, buildings, caves and such. I think it would be not only helpful, but adding to the immersion as well.

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