Storm Lantern Bug

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I've noticed while playing that if one is holding a Storm Lantern (possibly all held items that have some sort of "charge" action, but that's just a guess), you cannot use it while looking at an interactable object's prompt. For instance, I tried extinguishing my Lantern while looking at a safe, so as to not waste kerosene, and holding RT was unresponsive. Although, looking away to the point where the prompt was no longer present remedied the error. I've also encountered this problem with: drawers, metal containers, plastic containers, doors, fires, and wood stoves, to name a few.

Like I said, it may be a universal bug, affecting other held items with a "charge" action, like a flare, and also be affected by all objects that can be interacted with, but I am unsure of this, and clearly just speculating. Has anyone else encountered this bug?

EDIT: I encountered this glitch on the Xbox One

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This topic is now closed to further replies.