I fell off the sand box


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I was in I think the place was named. "trappers lodge"? (my jaw dropped when I found this place because besides salvation its beautiful!!)


It was sun rise so I was heading west when I took the picture? I reached I guess the edge of the woods and I was about to die and at first I thought I was having an outer body experience but then realized I fell of the sandbox :lol: 7d98e031e2a62bb6fa4686737a15628a.png

Looking at this image as a clock I fell of 11-30 (TOP-MIDDLE-LEFT of screen)

Then the universe smiled and I died


Im not sure how else I can describe this.. if any questions let me know.

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At the moment, its possible to go into the End of the World Area and fall off there, so is this what happened, or where you in the play area (End of the World is designated by mountains and rocky walls) ?? We know of a Bug that where you can scale the Outside of the game area by doing certain things, but yes you can fall off the End of the World and Die.

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I guess falling off the edge of the world is not a vikings myth.. I was out of the main play area near that cabin. I just walked up what seemed like a reg hill to see the surroundings of the cabin (I was out of the play area) and all of the sudden it looked like a beach with a line of trees and rocks and then it looked like water so I walked towards it and fell... I got to see the spiritual side of The Long Dark and took pictures of it.


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