Do you wear lenses in front of your eyeballs?


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An exercise in imagination, as no developer would implement myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism in his or her game.

Therefore, we can all relax, this will never happen, and we can indulge in five minutes of daydreaming on how it would be like to survive without your glasses.

Of course, you would find some in the world, but it would obviously be extremely unlikely to find a pair matching your optometrist’s prescription. Usually, something that makes having them on better than not.

Hey, the game models chromatic aberration that reminds me of a cheap fast lens wide open. So unless I am playing a DSLR, why not have for instance hyperopia with a trace of astigmatism too? What you have would be random, of course, and prescribed diopter would scale with difficulty.

Level designers and artists would probably rage at myopia. The again, the end of the world is so definite and palpable with the game taking place in a bowl being so obvious it would probably help with immersion.

Moreover, folks with hyperopia could start a fire with their glasses, at least in theory, which could replace the magnifying glass.

Good thing something like is too stupid to implement, it would annoy people beyond belief. Like seeing every day that your eyes betrayed you.

Of course, there are some people like me who do not need glasses but have half a dozen pairs nonetheless. Sometimes not seeing is precisely what you need. People with glasses just take them off.

Looking at the Hinterland team, 9 out of 25 wear glasses :o:D

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